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The Faculty of Civil Engineering has six institutes which perform research and consulting services. Inistitutes are as follows:

  • Institute for Materials and Structures - Address: Stjepan Tomic 5, building 3 (director: Mr. Muhamed Madžarević)
  • Institute for Hidrotechnics - Address: Stjepan Tomic 1, building 1, (director: Dr. Zoran Milašinović)
  • Institute for Transportation Infrastructure - Address: Stjepan Tomic 1, building 1 (director: Dr. Suada Džebo)
  • Institute for Geodesy and Geoinformatics - Address: Stjepan Tomic 1 (director: -┬É)
  • Institute for Geotechnics and Geology - Address: Stjepan Tomic 3, building 2 (director: Dr. Đenari Ćerimagić)

Main goals of our institutes is further development and advancement of disciplines that are being explored in bachelor, master, and phd studies. Apart from the formal education advancement, institues perform services which are vital for development of Bosnia and Hercegovina. They are involved with many international organizations helping make our country a better place to live.
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