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Since 1949 when the Faculty of Civil Engineering was established, over 15000 students have enrolled. Many of them have graduated and about 50 of them got their masters and/or doctorate degrees. Recently, the Faculty have been going through positive change due to implementation of Bologna programme. Today's students don't come only from Bosnia but from neighboring countries as well, and every year, there are also a few students who come from different parts of the world as well.
Studies at our Faculty can be done in three cycles. First cycle lasts for 3 years and carries 180 ECTS credits. After successfully completing this cycle, a student receives a title of "bachelor of science in civil engineering or geodesy".
Second cycle lasts for 2 years and carries 120 ECTS credits, after which a student can receive a title of "master in civil engineering or geodesy". And finally, those best students who wish to pursue a doctorate degree, need to enroll to the last cycle which lasts for 3 years and carries 180 ECTS credits.
We hope that you will plan to attend our Faculty so please continue reading to find out how you can apply.

The application process starts by filling out application form at the Admission's Office. In order to be considered for enrollment, students must take entrance exam which consists of math proficiency test. Further, the following documents need to submitted:
  • application form
  • high school diploma (with grades' transcripts) or equivalent
  • birth certificate
  • citizenship certificate
  • any honor's documents if applicable
  • other documents requested by the Admission's Office
Based on the score on the entrance exam, your grade point average, your average grades at subjects Math and Physics, and anyhonor's documents you submitt, the ranking list is made. Entrance exam is eliminatory and an applicant must score at least 50% of the maximum points.
Every year, there are certain number of students which can enroll, so only those that with their rank fall into this category can enroll. If there are more applicants who passed the entrance exam than what can be enrolled to the Faculty, the management will conduct a meeting and propose if these applicants can enroll under special circumstances.

If applicant is accepted, (s)he is issued a document called "indeks" and given the status of full-time student with all the rights and responsibilities according to the canton law and Faculty policy.


Admissions Office is located at the main building on the ground floor, or you can call: ++ 387 (0)33 278-434.

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